Out Of Office

YP is no longer. Please visit Mark Pernice and Elana Schlenker’s new studio OOO (Out Of Office)


Mark’s dedicated illustration site coming soon. For now please view up-to-date illustration work at @marknessofdarkness.

Paul Simon
Illustration | Music | Project

Alongside Elana Schlenker, our new studio OOO is excited to announce  that we’ve designed and illustrated, Paul Simon’s latest release “In The Blue Light.” Full project coming soon. New site coming soon too!


Our recent collaboration with MAMAMA Paris is now available! Internet Surf your way over there. Check it Buy it

Art | Design

Happen to be in France? The Photo Booth Mask is on exhibit at The Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Etienne biennale-design.com

The Deathbringers Book Launch Installation
Art | Books

The Deathbringers book and animations we designed will be on display at Site 109 in New York’s Lower East Side. The launch party is this Saturday and open to all.

Art | Project

New Studio decoration depending on our existential pain that day.

Art | Music

Danish Scientists visualize music with flames.

Design | Music

Went through our archive and found this video Zhang made in College – karaoke track for Faith by George Michael.

Slow Bounce
Design | Entertainment

We made the art for the upcoming ping pong tournament Slow Bounce. If you are in London for Valentine’s day you should definitely go. “Find your partner on the night or get practising with your spouse now, as this could make or break your relationship.”

AIGA Party
Design | Illustration

On Feb 5 YP and the Pencil Factory pals are hosting a MIX party for AIGA/NY members. RSVP!

Ryan McGinley

Ryan McGinley in Conversation with Gerald Matt and Synne Genzmer, September, 2007, Kunsthalle Wien, Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König, Köln.


We made a little holiday video for you out in the suburbs.

Current State

Our friend David Benedek made this great snowboarding book and has a little promo going on. YP will be posting an interview we did with David shortly. In the next two weeks Current State: Snowboarding will be a bit more affordable as an early bird Xmas special. Just type in the following code upon check-out to get 10% off: INDUSTRY  www.almostanything.com



Surf Punks and Valleys, Tubular, Hairball, Slang of the 80’s. This video is like totally gnarly.

CG Print Development

Some new prints in the making

Anna-Sophie Berger
Art | Fashion

CMYK dresses and RGB pants? Yes and yes to this bold collection by Vienna based Artist Anna-Sophie Berger.

Ross Mantle

Photographer Ross Mantle launched a new website, and it looks great.

Chris Burden

Check out Chris Burden’s solo exhibition, Extreme Measures, at the New Museum

Pop Rocks

Pop Rocks. Remnants of the Gratuitous Type Spread.

Armad Illo
Design | Illustration

The lovely folks from Studio Armad Illo visited us today. They are a Milan based illustration and design studio.


Tired of listening to the same songs over and over in your office or at home? Try some delicate pink noise (or blue/white noise if you prefer) at this easy on the eyes website Noisli.

Ebie Cube 3D

Here is another image we ditched for the EBIE award – this time rendered in cinema 4D.

Erik Bjerkesjo

Professional attire tip: this minimal yet meticulously crafted pair of florentine mid high ankle derby is from Stockholm based designer Erik Bjerkesjo.


We found this while shooting The Deathbringers book at the Calvary Cemetery.


Here is the trailer of Michel Gondry’s latest film (animated documentary) – Is the Man Who Is Tall Happy?

Our favorite quote, ““As you can see, I felt a bit stupid here.” It will premier on November 21.

Paul Hoppe Exhibition

Congratulations to our friend Paul Hoppe. His solo exhibition, 10 Years of New York, will take place at the Consulate General of Germany on November 5. RSVP here.


File this sketch using famous paintings in a Monty-Python-esque way under things we’d wish we’d done.  via Dangerous Minds


Here’s an image from a shoot we ditched for the EBIE award.

Vector Illustrators Unite

Vector Illustrators Unite.

From the sketchbook

From the Sketchbook of Mark Pernice

When Paul Auster met Lou Reed

This incredible interview from Dazed and Confused’s archive, dated 1995, documented the moment Paul Auster met Lou Reed.


Our friend William Doyle aka East India Youth has a brilliant video for Looking For Someone via The Quietus